A History Of My Mistakes, And My Opinions Some Forum Members

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    Where does it even begin?
    I originally came to these forums on July 31, 2017. My ever so infamous name was ShadowTheRising, and I was 13. Around 2017 Pixel Strike was a totally different game. The community was more tight, there was little to no drama, people were more friendly. It was great, but around early August, I was a bored forum member who immaturely wanted to stir up some action.

    Origins of Jack Nate..
    I was just a bored 13 year old, who wanted drama. It brought attention, attention that I craved at the time, I wish I would've thought of the consequences before I actually did this. For those who don't know the "Jack Nate Incident" was a 3 day time period where I proceeded to troll the entire forum community. I needed a way to start this thing though, and I didn't develop the idea of Jack Nate until I saw a person getting banned on the forums with the in-game username Jack. I figured this would be a perfect cover for me, I would have motive as a character and nobody would suspect anything on me ShadowTheRising. I quickly launched my plan into action while the in-game ban of "Jack" was still fresh. It was incredibility fun at the time for me, I got the attention I wanted, and nobody suspected it was me. It wasn't until I publicly revealed myself to be ShadowTheRising that I was found out. The only person who could say that they knew it was me would be Kriss . My ShadowTheRising account was banned from the forums on August 17, 2017 and you can actually still see some of my old posts. It was a couple of months later that Forever allowed me to return.

    The Return Of Jack Nate, And The Beginning Of His Discord Downfall
    I returned to the forums under the name R1v4l. I once again decided not to tell anyone who I really was, hell I don't even think Forever knew I have that account. (It's still up again to this day and you can still see my old posts). I only made that account to get myself back into a community that I yearned to be in. I don't know how but I managed to get myself a link into the Official PS3D server and a link into Jornyca's now dead server. I wasn't planning on even keeping that account for too long, I only used to scout basically. I wanted to come back into the community in a much more public way, and I grew tired of just standing in the shadows.

    The Discord Downfall
    I let go of the R1v4l account and repackaged and rebranded all my inner self into Terathi. I came back with a bang, and didn't let anything stop me from going to what I thought was the top. Nobody suspected I was ShadowTheRising/Jack Nate/AdaptZer0, R1val at the time. I think Forever figured out I was Shadow when he saw my first introduction and compared it to my introduction on this account. After around 1 month I became a mod on Jorncya's server, along with some others. Jorncya's server was very similar in a sense of family that you got from the entire server. It was a great, beautifully toxic environment that was only more amplified by our immaturity, and age. However, Jornyca's server started to slowly decline, it became less active, less people talked there. Jorncya's server turned from a nice brotherly home into a drama house. I quickly became bored with this new change, and I once again devised a plan to unite what I thought at the time was a divided community. I deleted and banned several people while Abe was sleeping. I thought that by killing the server, it would give people something to talk about, and a object to direct their hate towards. It worked of course, I killed Jorncya's server in the process however. I didn't think that the hate would become so huge however, and it became so huge that it elevated me to the status of a snake.

    My Opinions On Forum Member's:

    What better person to start this with than the gun toting lord praising Arizona bad-bum himself, Army Man, a.k.a Kriss Johnson. Back then I thought he was a total lunatic, hell I thought he would become the next school shooter honestly. But after the Jack Nate debacle he welcomed me back with open arms. He's a great guy and if you need someone to trust when DogDirt goes down, Kriss will be there. HOOAH

    On to Papa Papuli, another former RGTG member. I never really got to talk to him about anything serious. However, me and him have played at least hundreds of PS3D rounds against each other. It's rare that I actually bested him, and he made me elevate my game to a totally different level. HOOAH

    On to Shortfuse. For a long time I always considered Shortfuse to be one of the friendliest people I've ever met. He's a genuine person that never let anyone talk bad about his teammates. Me, Kriss, Papa, and Short have only played 4 games together on BD surprisingly.

    Abe your up next bud, Your a wild card in a sense that I could never predict what the hell you would say next. You always challenged me to think outside of the box, and for that I thank you. Your a great person too, I wish you the best man.

    These 4 guys have had a major impact on me in my real life endeavors. Kriss toughened me up with his big brotherly like appeal and great leadership. Papa Papuli always challenged me to strive for greater, and reach for the stars with his great life tips and approachability. Shortfuse didn't directly teach me anything but I learned how to be a friendly person and a overall good friend. Abraham taught me to see beyond the picture in front of me. I developed a whole lot of critical thinking skills from him.

    Thanks to everyone, and I mean everyone. This game has an emotional connection to me unlike any other, because of that I can never truly walk away from it..
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    That.... that’s a masterpiece
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    Is this a story of experiences or an autobiographical novel?
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    It it’s own literature thing
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    Lol you didn't need to write a history essay
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    Mistsakes btw
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    You deleted RGTG server and forgotted me
    But its time to forgive
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    Very interesting but...

    Jack Nate.
    Jack Anderson.

    What the hell is with the name Jack?
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