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    Hey, my name is glazy. Some of you may see me as a “phrazy wannabe”, but in fact we have two different personalities.
    Anyways, i’m a part of the dead clan GLS as a recruit. From the start of my career of this game, I wasn’t always the person that I am today. In fact I was one hell of a retard back then.
    Anyways, let’s get to my back story.

    Who I used to be

    I started in 2017 with no english knowledge at all. My name used to be 『可愛い』DANIEL(kawaii), which i till this day hate it when people that I don’t know that well call me that (because some of you haven’t experienced me going around with that name).
    Let’s talk about which clans I used to be in.
    I started off my career as a FKRS (KNTP today) with my old name
    I got a screenshot for the curious people
    The clan just started it’s journey too, so it wasn’t as big as it is today. In fact we were 6 people back then.
    Then I left the clan, and joined one hell of a bad clan that I can’t stop thinking about why I joined in the first place


    That’s right, I went from a KNTP Member to a EvO member. Experious was the one finding out that I got some knowledge on how to use the tactical SMG with a default layout that I made myself.
    I ended up joining because experious asked me, and I was dumb enough to say yes because I was one hell of a stupid kid back then and didn’t know who experious truly was.
    Anyways, I had a great time in there when I met on people like Kerbie and advy (two old EvO members that have vanished now). We talked, was having fun and other stuff I can’t remember.
    I managed to get myself banned from the place because I was “clan hopping”, which I didn’t lmao.
    I was joining EoG (LGN today (also a dead clan)) for approximately 20 seconds, and then left.
    He saw that I did so lmao, what a creepy stalker.
    Here’s a screenshot of me getting banned:
    Anyways, after that I considered where I should take my next step, and that’s where I found BroZ, BunBun (Carson)’s old clan. It was a good and respectful clan.
    I can’t really remember that much of what happened while I was in that clan, but I know that I had lots of fun while being in there. The clan ended up retiring, and then people began to leave the place. Then bun decided that it is time for BroZ to fall, and he left the clan. That affected me a lot and made me leave too, but I will never forget those days.

    My clan days were over, and I started retiring from the game.
    I deleted discord and everything that’s pixel strike related from my phone.
    I thought it was the last day that I saw the game ever again, But it turned out that I was wrong.
    I went back on my discord account and found the pixel strike server link on their twitter.
    I joined the server and saw that dark was reporting me for bug abusing, which takes me to my next topic:


    Yep, the one that changed it all for me.
    I asked why there was a picture of me there, and abraham answered because you abused a glitch.
    I explained that it was an accident and that I didn’t trigger it on purpose, and he told me that if it was a accident, it was fine.

    Okay, so abe was the one that made me the person that I am today.
    He saw potential in me and had hope in that I could change to a cool person in the server.
    He trashtalked me to make me understand what i’m doing wrong, like when I used to say “XD” unironically, he would immediately come in and say something like
    “Are you f***ing autistic?”
    When I finally mastered how i am supposed to act in the server, he began to share some knowledge to me. He taught me the most basic stuff that I had to learn to understand what people were talking about in-general. And in around july or somewhere there, I began to evolve. I was becoming a “semi-abe” (feel free to comment about this abe, because I don’t know what to call it) with decently good knowledge
    I owe him a lot for what he has done to me.
    Abe, if you’re reading this, Thank you for everything. Without you I wouldn’t be a respected person in the discord server.

    Let’s go over to which clans I used to be in.
    i’m actually quarter japanese if you didn’t know, then you probably know what the next clan i joined was:


    ZeXS was in my opinion the best clan that i’ve ever been in when it comes to social contact and training.
    We could do a custom game where we only use the star saber or just play around in “the pool”
    Screenshot example here:
    As you can see, I had lots of fun with each and every ZeXS member.
    They were the most chill clan that i’ve ever seen,
    But the clan is inactive now. There’s no ZeXS players at all playing this game now (except for Kiyotora and warface)
    I left the clan, hoping for a brighter clan future. I searched and searched for clans that were decent, but for no use.
    I went into “Jornyca’s Concentration camp” discord server and talked in there.
    I met on a new EvO member called “Metro” who were one hell of a irritating person in this community. He didn’t understand english that well, and couldn’t really roast.
    That’s when I met on:


    He came in between me and metro and made metro leave the discord server.
    After that day, we became good friends.
    We then agreed to let me into mys and be a general in there.


    I ended up joining Myth after because karrot saw that I had some good strategy skills in “runner’s tournament”, and left mys because the clan was inactive thanks to several people semi-quitting the game.
    I had a great time in the clan. It was very unusual compared to other clans that i’ve been in.
    I for example met people like kriss, Papa, collin, remixer, Germane, cecil, jesse and panda therefor the first time.
    our (their) strategies while we were practicing were very good.
    I will of course miss the clan, and will eventually return again.
    The reason why I left is private.

    Well that’s the end of my backstory, folks.
    In general i’m just a chill person and in some cases very serious.

    Thank you for your time, and goodbye.
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    Well, thaat was more than I hoped for, i just expected you to list things off like the others here, buut this works too.

    Tell you what, I need to make my own backstory!
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    Whatever phrazy wannabe
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    Skeptic: “Who was your tutor?”
    Glazy: This:
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    I think I saw you once in 2017. I remember someone with that exact name. Idk tho so yeah
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    You look up to me for knowledge and intelligence and I look up to you for Tactical SMG skill. What an amazing friendship, ey?
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    Yes indeed
  9. Crazyglazy

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    Go on
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    somebody’s been watching my snapchat story
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    Seems like a waste of time.
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    you have no idea what you’re talking about. don’t make yourself look stupid.
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    I was talking about socialist media in general and besides I choose my words wisely.... y'all should try it some time. You carefully think about the words you say and make sure you never contradict yourself.
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    Whatever happened to myth?
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    let me just edit that
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    he paid attention to my snapchat story this week.
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    I made one About myth now
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    Oh glazy im sorry, i didn’t know that you hate to be called daniel
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    I said people that doesn’t know me well and calls me that, not old time friends like you

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