Ban this hacker.


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Aug 25, 2017
The Land of the Aussies
Using 50 Cal in infected while infected.
The user :angel772
First off, it’s not a hack, it’s a glitch.
Second, we need picture proof of him abusing it, just because he used it in one game does not mean that he used it over and over again, otherwise we would need about five screenshots of him doing it in diffrent maps.
Third, the screenshot it too large, just edit the bloody image
Fourth, Even if you did have all this, we would need to ID to do anything about it.
Fifth, well maybe this “other person on discord” can tell us if he abused it.
Sixth, “how to abuse voodoo glitch”. Wait, so you want to abuse it now? @OMGitsKarrot /bban him
Seventh, why didn’t you just edit the post to put the picture in? That would have saved us time and meant that you DIDN’T spam.
Eighth, he killed you across the map a couple times? Well that means he’s a good player and your complaining about him being good, and also that he did abuse it over and over again, but we still can’t do anything about it without his ID and proof, so either get it or we can’t do Jack didlly sh** about it.
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Mr. Mushroom

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Sep 9, 2018
Eighth, that was a glitch. that happens to me all the time without the player even looking at me, even through walls. It mostly happens in infected when the player infected as well.