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  1. Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson Well-Known Member

    Well Alas,has come my time.
    Of all the things I’ve said and done,I’m truely Leaving the Forums for Good,
    I have Said my Goodbyes to all,But not yet.
    The Crowbar suggestion I made,as well as many others,now goes to @shortfuse87.
    He will Balance them,and Make them great again
    You All Have Been Good Friends,And Today im leaving.
    You Can start Drama on this thread,or you can mourn.
    Do as you please I won’t try to stop you
    As for the Things I’ve posted, @KARMA can have anything relating to the word “gay”
    @Mr Harold Klick can have America beat up Britain
    @PapaPapuli can have his Medkit,M1 Garand PING! And An Autumn Skin
    @StarWizard737 and @NothinTM can share the memes I’ve posted
    I’m gonna be less active on the forums.Amd I am gonna miss all.
    My Big Blue Ball Of Fur is going to Go eat a
    Cookie and work O.T
    @OMGitsKarrot and @Phantom 1 can celebrate me leaving.
    Sorry MYTH.
    Anyways Farewell,Well Meet Again,Don’t Know Where DONT know when,But I know we will meet again some sunny day.
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  2. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    One final bonus meme:

  3. Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson Well-Known Member

  4. PapaPapuli

    PapaPapuli Well-Known Member

    I’m proud that you typed PING! correctly. All you need to do is bold it.
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  5. Jack Anderson

    Jack Anderson Well-Known Member

    I did
  6. PapaPapuli

    PapaPapuli Well-Known Member

  7. Szymon

    Szymon Well-Known Member

    Everybody forgotted me. Im not famous like few months ago :c
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  8. Henrystelo

    Henrystelo New Member

    If you want to get a game or two in tomorrow 14 Sep, Bob will be bringing his Federated States. I am going to do a Malifaux demo with Chris, then will be up for some DW myself.
  9. Metared

    Metared Well-Known Member

    You didn't realize the date of this thread right?
  10. Màkéßhîft

    Màkéßhîft Well-Known Member

    What in the f**k are you talking about?
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  11. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Not gonna lie you sound like an intellectual that just had an existential crisis for breakfast

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