Feline’s birthday surpise part 5

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    Note 1: Alright, this is the moment where I actually bake a cake

    Note 2: Instead of me hopping into the cake making now, I’ll need to at least set up a scene for it

    Note 3: Uhh do note that results may differ from yours and mine (if anyone is interested in making that cake)

    Flanker’s perspective

    “Alright..uhh we don’t have really much time , it’s like uhh around an hour plus before the party starts..”

    “Yeah uhm..let’s start with the equipments...”

    No perspective

    Equipment list
    -You’ll need a load tin
    -Mixing bowl
    -some tablespoons (3 would be enough I suppose)
    -Pastry brush
    -a plate
    -a fork

    Flanker:”Alright..so uh we have everything now and yeah”

    Flanker picked up the recipe book and followed the steps

    Step 1: Grease the loaf and preheat the oven to 160 degrees

    Step 2: Sift 100grams of self-raising flour on a bowl and set it aside

    (Yes,that is my hand that you see there)

    Flanker:”Wait..am I hearing things or nah?”

    Yuri:”I think I heard it too..”

    Flanker:”ehh nevermind- let’s uhh..just sift the flour-“

    Step 3:measure 75grams of butter and another 75 grams of caster sugar and put them in a large mixing bowl [I picked the wrong sugar in the image that I’m going to show you guys so eh bear with me for that]
    [remember to leave the butter out before cutting them and placing them into the large bowl, as it isn’t rather hard to beat them with a handheld electric beater. Yes I meant is to uh wait for them to soften a little]

    Step 4: cream the butter and sugar in the mixing bowl until light and creamy with an electric beater


    (Somewhat looking like this)

    Step 5: Crack two eggs into a bowl and ‘whisk’ them with the fork

    Step 6: add the beaten egg mixture a little at a time/gradually to the creamed mixture, beat well after each addition

    (After beating and adding, this is probably what it should look like)

    Step 7: pour the flour down into the mixture and “fold” them with a spoon (if you don’t really understand what folding means, use the electric beater and beat them[I have not tried doing that so I’m not sure how long to whisk])

    Step 8: Take and peel 2-3 medium bananas and cut them to thin slices

    (Please do not cut them too thinly like that, it wastes a lot of my time)

    Step 9
    Wash the fork properly (or get a new one) and mash the bananas

    Step 10:
    Lay some of the mashed banana on the base of the loaf tin evenly
    (PLEASE, do not take half of the mashed bananas into the loaf tin, you are supposed to put the most of it in the batter thingy, don’t follow what I’ve done in the image)

    Step 11:
    Add the remaining mashed banana into the batter mixture and mix them lightly

    Step 12: Add the mixture into a loaf tin
    Step 13: Bake it in the oven on the middle shelf for 30-40 minutes

    Final step: remove from oven and leave it to cool

    Final step:put the cake on a plate/food container and you’re good to go!

    Time taken ~1hour+

    Flanker: “Damn..finally..we’re uhh done”


    Flanker:”We’ll uhh..pack that up and quickly head over to Feline’s place right now-“
    Cyanogen took a quick look on his smartwatch

    3 minutes till arrival

    Cyan:”Oh my god, where are they?”

    Short:”Nah don’t worry, I mean, they don’t even have the title ‘Well Known member’ in the forums..and they don’t really post much..?”

    Noel smirked
    “They’re probably still in their makeout session haha”

    Short: “ugh can you not talk about that..it’s really uncomfortable-“

    Short:”Anyways! Star! How’s DAVE going?”

    Starwizard, who has been inhaling a pack of suspicious looking substance named “old memes from my therapist brother” looked up at short

    Star:”Damn this stuff is pure- I mean.. well Dave’s doing pretty well I guess?”

    D.A.V.E suddenly ‘possessed’ one of the blank Television screen, blasting C418’s Sweden theme in the room and displayed the final results of his cake

    D.A.V.E:”Ahem. I am done with the cake , and like StarWiz requested. It’s a cake that looks like the cake food item from Minecraft.”

    Star looked at D.A.V.E with a shocked expression in his face

    “Holy goodly god! The StrAWbERrIEs ARe cUbE ShApEd?!”

    D.A.V.E :”Like what you’ve requested. A Minecraft cake”

    Before anyone could say anything, Cyanogen’s watch started beeping loudly, announcing

    “She’s going to open the door in 50 seconds. Please find somewhere to hide . Now”

    Everyone in the room made a huge stampede,trying to find somewhere to hide

    Kriss smiles to himself as he activated the camouflage on his armored suit, blending him into the surroundings

    Nemu drew a picture of a mirror with her stylus pen and hid behind it

    Abraham went outside through the back door and emptied his water cannon, blasting him to the roofs

    Starwizard hid behind a curtain, though his legs are exposed

    After a mini stampede, the room was finally left with D.A.V.E in the television screen

    D.A.V.E : Sigh..I’ll hide the cake and shut off all lights”

    The whole room is now fully quiet and dark.
    Feline’s front lawn

    Techie took a peek from the bushes and back on his mobile phone

    Techie:”yo peeps! My uhh exotic bird radar app is showing signs of the ender dra- Wait I mean..uh shows signs of a bird with a weird frequency here-“

    Jack hit Techie’s head ,scowling
    “This isn’t a time for us to look at rare birds dipsh**”

    Techie:”But Feline can transform into a dove-“

    Hans:”Shh..over there!”

    The gang kept quiet as they saw a white Dove flying and landing on the gravel pathway to the door

    A bright beam of light was released as the bird slowly took the form of a human girl

    Techie:”Damn..this is going to be recorded in my sciency findings-“

    Feline stretched her back as she took a few steps to the front door

    Her hands gripped on the doorknob and twisted it slowly

    “Huh? A blackout happened?”
    Feline entered her house and looked around

    “Guess I’ll have to flip the switches manually..”

    She closed the door and walked over to the place where Starwizard is hiding

    Thankfully, due to the dark surroundings, she couldn’t see him

    Star held his breath and tried not to utter a word

    Feline looked opened the “circuit box” and flipped on the major switches


    The lights were then switched on


    Starwizard leapt our from the curtains and pulled the party popper

    Papuli jumped up from his hiding spot

    Papuli: “Happy”











    Makeshift:”The “




    Flox: “Seahorse!”



    Abraham crashed in through the open windows



    Everyone:”Happy birthday Feline!!!”

    Feline stood rooted the the ground, amazed by the sudden birthday surpise and song

    Feline let out a nervous laughter
    Feline:”Heh heh, my appreciation everybody!”
    After the birthday song performance, D.A.V.E released the Minecraft Cake from the fridge(assuming that it is uhh a ‘computerized ‘fridge)and shot it accurately on the table without damaging both the table and the cake

    Star:”Eyy nice trick shot”

    Flanker’s perspective

    “Oh god we’re very late to the party...”
    I said as I hid behind the open front door with Yuri

    Yuri looked at me with a face full of concern

    “I-uhm Flanker..are we supposed to enter?”

    I sighed
    “Well-..I’m not sure..”

    “Maybe we should uhh wait here for a little longer and think what we should do..”


    After a few minutes of mulling over, the duo finally came up with a “bright idea”

    “Hey Yuri uhh”


    “Remember our uhh modified flash bangs?”


    “We should uhh..throw them in and enter-“

    Yuri:”Flanker but that’s...”

    Flanker:”Don’t worry- uhh remember that we recover faster from the flashbangs?”


    Flanker:”It’s a reasonable entrance I guess-“

    I pulled out the pin of the flashbang and held it on my hand, Yuri follows suit



    We rolled the flashbangs into the living room where everyone is at
    Kriss heard the sound of a metallic clang and turned around

    A flash-bang!

    And another!

    Kriss:”Take cov-“
    To be continued

    as I’m being forced by my parents to rest after taking my meds
    I’m really sorry that I couldn’t include the current active member OCs who are part of the forum duels,,

    But ehh yeah I guess?
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    everyone forget about me
  3. Mr Harold Klick

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    Question for feline. Do you shape shift with clothes on or does the dove wear the clothes in flight. Do the clothes disappear when you turn into a bird. So many questions with no question marks. Why you might ask. Why no question marks. Because I don't feel like it.
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    Oh damn. You actually baked a cake! Honestly, hun, you didn't have to do this... I'm so flattered, I feel like crying tears of joy as I read this. I'd hug you so tightly if I were with you right now.

    The clothes disappear changing into a dove form. Changing back into human form, the clothes I had previously had on will remain. I honestly have not thought through the minor details yet...

    Don't worry, sometimes I do not feel like putting question marks either.
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    Yeah she’s naked in the bird form
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  6. StarWizard737

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    Considering the fact that I have long legs and my brother can beat me at hide and seek in seconds, the hiding place is actually absurdly accurate lol.

    Also stop making me wish I actually had an A.I that makes Minecraft cakes

    Considering the fact that your still kind of dead with dengue fever, I’m giving this a 10/10
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    Hey Kriss uhh I know that you’re thinking “What’s in Passer’s mind?! This barely makes any sense!”

    Well in my canon, when Feline (dove form) transforms into a human, not naked

    Well,since Feline’s wearing all white [and doves are white] so yeah,you get what I mean
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    did you literally bake that cake, how are we gonna eat it

    and did you literally write me saying cake?
    i like cake
    also happy bday @Feline
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  9. The random passer by

    The random passer by Well-Known Member

    Ehh I have absolutely no clue

    But anyways, the “song” I did up there was from Papuli’s usual birthday song DB898628-AB1A-41DC-9651-024B3C00FF44.png
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    what was this about
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  11. ÑF ÂŁÊX

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    This story is adorable
  12. StarWizard737

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    Ok so here's how I think it would work: basically the dove and human forms aren't technically the same person. The way they switch up would actually be rather simple. Whenever they transform they switch the atoms in their bodies to change shape.

    Before people go crazy, keep in mind that that's basically what magic is; your conjuring or switching up atoms to create things.
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    So she has the reality stone now?
  14. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Nah, that simply how "magic" works in this timeline. Of course, transformations are probably virtually impossible now that I think about it.

    I would explain more but that'll spoil things that I don't want you guys to know just yet
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    In your canon for the "forum duels," how powerful is magic? Also, how often is it used?
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    Magic is used when papi does his hair.
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    This magic is theoretically infinitely powerful. You won't see it anymore because people lost the need to use it thanks to technological advances.

    The strength of magic depends on what kind of magic it is, and in most cases how creative someone is with it.

    When people still used it it was used in everyday life whenever possible. It was also used in times of war.

    Extra fact: some types of magic were much more common, usually the ones that involved elements. Some were also born without magic or something that was either useless to society or almost unnoticeable.
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    Continuing from where I’ve left off

    Kriss:”Take cover!”

    Before anyone could react in time, the two flashbangs exploded

    Everyone seemed to have lost their balance and fell over, and some of them are covering their eyes

    Both Flanker and Yuri quickly ran into the room and waited for them to recover from the sudden “blindness”

    Starwizard shakily got up and held his head

    Star:”..god..what the hell just happened..”

    The flashes victims all got their bearings back and looked around in confusion

    Kriss was the first one to speak

    He cleared his throat

    “Well well..look who’ve decide to show up, lovebirds.”

    Cyanogen shook his head
    “I’ve been trying to get everyone to contact you guys”

    “Where have you guys been?”

    Flanker scratched the back of his head, trying to make up with a good answer

    Flanker:”Well...we uh..got caught up in some stuff an-“

    Noel smirked
    “Ahaha~ you mean.. your makeout session with-“

    Yuri:”W-what n-n-no! W-we uhm we’re preparing a gift a-and..”

    Metared:” mind explaining the ‘things’ that you guys were caught up?”

    Papuli:”And you guys flashed us when arriving late?”


    Metared:”Hmm ...maybe I should file a report to Vulcron so that they get banned from taking part in any Vulcron HQ events..”

    Star, realizing that the situation has gone rather tense , decided to calm things down by showing a video

    Star:”Alright boiz, I have a funni meeem”

    He switched on his mobile phone and tapped on something

    Everyone except Icy:”Star..get back on your medicine..”

    Icy:”OH my GoD tHis Is So FuNny haHaha”
    Icy rolled on the floor with laughter as he watched it

    A few hours later..

    Everyone had left except for both Flanker and Yuri

    Feline:”Eh? You guys aren’t going off?”

    Flanker:”Well..uhh remember I said about ‘making a gift’?”

    Yuri:”We uhm yeah..made this and..uhm..yeah-“

    Yuri pulled the present-like food container from under the couch where she hid it during the “flashbang” attack

    She held it gingerly and placed it on Feline’s hands

    Feline opened the container slowly and smiled

    “Oh thank you guys so-...”

    “Wait where did they go?”

    Feline looked up and saw that the duo have vanished

    Guess I’ll have them for dinner even though I already had cake..I mean, it wouldn’t hurt to eat a little more,right?”

    She thought to herself as she kept the cake in the fridge
    Jack:“Alright guys, the coast is all clear, everyone left”

    Jack:”Remember what to do?”

    Hans+Techie:”Yes boss!”

    The gang came out of the bushes and pulled out several envelopes, which contained birthday wishes and cards

    Jack:”Be careful not to make a sou-“

    As Techie slid the envelope under the front door, he knocks over a small metallic flowerpot beside him


    Hans quickly put the flowerpot back in place and slipped the envelopes under the door, before dragging escaping with the rest
    The next morning, Flanker headed to the forum website and looked back at Yuri

    “Uhh Yuri..?”

    Yawn... what is it Flanker?”
    Yuri got up from the bed and rubbed her eyes sleepily

    “Well uhh..you might want to look at this profile post...”


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    Like em or hate em this was wholesome lol
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  20. Cyanogen

    Cyanogen Noble

    Was, the situation between those three did not age very well despise the positivity they used to have frequently as a small group
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