Im Derek

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Do u leik pizzzzza

  1. YA it tastes good

  2. no I will start a war against pizzas

  1. Derek_Ghost56

    Derek_Ghost56 Member Beta Tester

    Im Derek and I started playing this game around 2 weeks after the release an I've been playing ever since. Meh favorite food is pizza meh favorite game that isn't pixel strike 3d is terraria (btw does anybody know if the mechanic is selling any wire and actuators?)
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  2. CrimsonRose

    CrimsonRose Member

    Welcome to the forums, Derek!

    As for the wires, How would anyone know? What they're selling is unique to one's world, and we can't see yours so...
    But I assume she is selling those. Unless you meant TheMechanic, she is selling wires last I heard.
  3. PixelGunner3D

    PixelGunner3D Member Beta Tester

    I know you
  4. Nick

    Nick Well-Known Member

  5. Melonenkopp

    Melonenkopp Member

    Hai Derek

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