It's me...


Hold Up
Oct 13, 2016
ᕼEY EᐯEᖇY OᑎE, ᑎᗩᗰE‘ᔕ ᔕᑕOTTY. I'm just another one of those guys who has migrated from Pixel gun 3D. I hope to have a good time here, and maybe play some matches with you all. I'm a friendly guy, so don't be Afraid to chat with me. Some things you should know about me:
I'm a diehard Kirby fan, trust me... I know a lot about Kirby...
I'm know as the lord of all pickles so you are to address me as the Pickle Lord. You don't really need to, Just kiddin'
I like pickles
I'm an artist. Not a very good one, but I try.
I'm nice, but really quiet.
Hope to get along with all of you!
I like Cats
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