Its Time to Say Goodbye

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Szymon, Sep 22, 2018.

  1. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    Goodbye, it was nice that we had you in PS3D BibleThump
  2. Crazyglazy

    Crazyglazy Active Member

    I don’t really know you well,
    But for a good sake, goodbye
  3. Medic 2.0

    Medic 2.0 Well-Known Member

  4. Winnerxl

    Winnerxl Well-Known Member

    it was nice knowing you szymon
  5. Màkéßhîft

    Màkéßhîft Well-Known Member

    it’s really sad that you have left and all, but for some9ne who’s been playing for 3 years I would have been expecting for you to have played a lot more games.
  6. Ansoa

    Ansoa Well-Known Member

    later dude, have fun in life
  7. Szymon

    Szymon Well-Known Member

    Jack has been banned
    My duty is complete
    Now i can finally go
  8. Szymon

    Szymon Well-Known Member

    Jack finally quit
    Im too happy to go and I'll stay here
  9. Ansoa

    Ansoa Well-Known Member

  10. NothinTM

    NothinTM Well-Known Member

    racism alert!1!1!1!1!1!1!
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  11. Vita

    Vita Active Member

  12. Icy

    Icy Well-Known Member

  13. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    Shut up
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  14. Metared

    Metared Well-Known Member

    Icy is actually kinda right here since ur necroposting.
  15. Vita

    Vita Active Member

    But I'm playing sad music
  16. Shayun the Blank Bear

    Shayun the Blank Bear Active Member

    Although I havent really lost interest I can somewhat relate to you about some games I have played.
  17. Mr Mushroom PS3d

    Mr Mushroom PS3d Well-Known Member

  18. Winnerxl

    Winnerxl Well-Known Member

    Why the f*** are yall still gravedigging posts?
  19. Szymon

    Szymon Well-Known Member

    What are you doing in empty grave

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