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Has anyone ever moved before?

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  1. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Has anyone here moved houses/schools before? I just want to know since I never had to and was just wondering.
  2. ɴᴇᴍᴜ.

    ɴᴇᴍᴜ. Well-Known Member

    I’ve moved schools, from LCCM (College) to UST (University). As for the house we aren’t moving yet cause we’re actually planning our new house, the house will be finished in the next 2 years so yeah, long time. I might move if I get a ballet scholarship though.
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  3. Shayun the Blank Bear

    Shayun the Blank Bear Active Member

    I moved from bully school to friend school
  4. NothinTM

    NothinTM Well-Known Member

    yeah i moved alot shame that one drug dealer i liked alot moved away from us i liked his deals
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  5. OMGitsKarrot

    OMGitsKarrot (the stain man) Staff Member Moderator Game Moderator

    military dad, 5 moves. he did 4 tours and so one of the moves he only was home to help us move in, set up furniture and unpack, then left. when he came back he helped us pack up and off we went to the next place.
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  6. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member


    LORD ZUT Well-Known Member

    I have never moved houses because, well, financial issues.

    On the other hand, I have moved schools around twice.
    First after kindergarten because I was bullied by a kid in my class around 4 years older than me(he was naturally more physically imposing) throughout the year, and none of the staff(including the principal) even cared to simply move him to the sped class where he was supposed to be.
    Second was simply because the school I was moved to stopped at a certain grade. This one wasn't exactly "nice" either, a good amount of people around me(especially the people closest) being liars and back stabbers is want I've come to expect.
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  8. OMGitsKarrot

    OMGitsKarrot (the stain man) Staff Member Moderator Game Moderator

    the moving schools due to bullying is one i sympathize with. while i'm not bullied, my school has similarities with prison regarding "unspoken laws". one of those unspoken laws is to not help the bullied kids and if you do that makes it twice as bad for you, since you helped. learned that the hard way, watched some small freshman jump between two juniors and some poor kid who just looked like the quintessential nerd. i always feel like human trash for not jumping in, but i know now that sometimes you it's too late and there's nothing you can do, and jumping in means two beatings instead of just one for one person.

    on top of that, two days after someone tried making me their "b****" so to speak. this was my first year in high school so i was still learning my way, and sitting at lunch with my old middle school friends (we were all freshmen at the time). three HUGE dudes (varsity football size) came and sat with us, were kinda chatting us up in a really demeaning manner. at a point one asked me if he could have some of my fries, and that's where i kind of drew the line and said no. he obviously didn't take that too kindly so just started taking them. i said it a little harshly though, in his defense. so he keeps taking them and eventually i really didn't know what to do so i decided to wing it. i just said stop taking them, he didn't. i knew i had to get a little more assertive but keep in mind i was a freshman and at the time specifically i was REALLY skinny. i still am, but for a 5'7 kid who weighs about 100 lbs, that's a really scary scenario. so, i told him to "hop off my d***". (which i'd never otherwise say, i hate most slang. it just sounds so cringy.) and he kept going.

    so, what did i do? i've always been careful about my surroundings. we were the closest table to where three of the cops that are always in the cafeteria were eating as well. out of the corner of my eye i saw them looking at us, if i was a cop i would too. out of earshot, but still close enough to see through expressions how it's going. then i proceeded to make the stupidest but most strategically genius move of my life. i told him to get the f*** off me, then stood up and FLIPPED MY TRAY ONTO HIS JERSEY. he had a game in like five hours. my chicken sandwich, ketchup, fries, milk, ALL over this dudes jersey. he was just in absolute shock at first and that's why he didn't grab me straight off the bat i think, his friends too. nothing really happened and i took that moment to get my friends and walked away, cops just looked at me and one shook his head at me to indicate not to do that but had a smile which was super cool.

    anyways yeah sorry rhis got super long and nobody's gonna read it, just thought i'd share my only bullying story that i've been involved in.
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  9. OMGitsKarrot

    OMGitsKarrot (the stain man) Staff Member Moderator Game Moderator

    thought i'd make another message instead of edit as it's long enough. obviously everyone has to film every little fight cause y'know, we live in the 21st century and snapchat exists. nobody even noticed us until i flipped the tray, and the only footage there is, is of my friends and me walking away because there was no fight. and apparently one of the football players said some nasty stuff about me over that. my friend's church group is super tight and they're of all ages, and he actually got two of the older ones at that school to walk to my classes with me for a week or so which i thought was really damn cool.

    EDIT: i have one more not really bullying, but almost really bad fight story but it's super religious in nature.
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  10. Mr Mushroom PS3d

    Mr Mushroom PS3d Well-Known Member

    I moved to another school unfortunately because of personal type of problems.

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