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    I’ve mentioned this a few days back, and I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite some time; half a year to be exact. The idea came after a certain amount of drama back in MYTH (which is totally unrelated but just shows about when I had the thought). It was quite simple really.

    A small tidbit about my life. It’s my final year in Middle school, and next year I’ll be off to high. Based on the potential workload I’ll have, and the possible mental strain I’ll have to deal with, I understood how I couldn’t do the same things forever. To translate, that means eventually, I’ll have to quit this game.

    Of course, there’s school work and preparing for high school and whatnot, but there’s also just genuinely trying out a talent I’ve never had before; writing. It sound stupid considering what I’m actually writing (wink wink) but at the same time, I’ve never had this much independence and freedom to actually contribute to society, ever, really.

    Honestly, this really shouldn’t be this hard for me. I shouldn’t have to think about leaving a pixelated shooter that Forever probably thought about because Minecraft exists. But at the same time though, this was the game that truly changed me mentally, and turned me into the person I am today.

    more specifically, this community changed me.

    This community is honestly the more diversity I’ve ever seen, possibly ever. If I jump right into the amount of depth and history this game holds in such a short lifespan, it’s nearly equal to some of the most unorthodox communities in the world. There’s ignorant babies, there’s hackers, there’s glitchers, that all try to ruin the game one way or another; justifying their beliefs with “the devs need this info” while simultaneously beating the living daylight out fo the playerbase. However, there are also many players out there who show a decent amount of potential as less insecure beings. Some have knowledge, others have skill, others have personality... the list goes on and on.

    @Forever what you made might be praised by some, praised by none, praised by all, I’m certain that I fit in the “some” category. While I question the updates that have been dropping ever since I joined, and how to some the games lost its charm back in 5.0.0, you can be certain that what you made unintentionally changed me.

    I just want to say this, not because of fame, not because I’m probably the first person to ever say this in this community, but your game, your pixelated shooter with six shot double barrels, your pixelated shooter with dozens of glitches and exploits, change my life.

    And to everyone I’ve met here as well. @shortfuse87 , for starting it all. @PapaPapuli , for being here thick and thin. @Noel_NC , the first person I actually talked to, @Elite_Robot , for showing me how to stand up, @Mr Harold Klick , for showing me reality, @NothinTM and @Metared , for playing along with some of my weirdest s***, and the think thonk (?) squad (@The random passer by , @best lawn defense , @Feline ) for helping me create the first possibility I’ve had in years.

    Thank you.
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    (Oh yeah also everyone else in this half decent community. Especially you Zut butt)
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    I’m happy I’ve met you, Jay. I will admit there are times I didn’t want you around, but those were few. I kind of saw you as a student. I don’t mean to put myself in so much power, but I felt like that wise teacher that’s talking to a meme-ing student who still has yet to learn.

    I’m sure you aren’t leaving IMMEDIATELY after this post.

    I’m happy you are pursuing something that means a lot to you. And that’s something I wish to do too. (Not the writing part, the pursuing dreams part.)
    It’s inevitable, everyone will leave at some point. Some because they got bored, some to pursue dreams,
    ... some were forced to.

    Anyways. I will be leaving this site and community at some point. When will that happen? I’m not entirely sure. But you know that I will have a story to tell before I go. Some opinions, some history, and some secrets that are to be revealed.
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    I’m not leaving the site anytime soon; the writing here is my dream pursuing lol
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    You made it sound like you were dying.

    LORD ZUT Well-Known Member

    I like how I am half decent. Is it my unhealthy pessimism?
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    -What I’ll probably say if I were dying
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    It’s amazing how you can find hidden talents in such strange places isn’t it? If you ever become a famous writer, I wonder if you’ll remember this place. Anyways, I feel like I should share, I’m not the brightest person, @Feline can tell you. I often put on a fake personality to fit in with society, I’m not just an edgy teen. I’ve experienced the full effects of the one thing you love dying. I became depressed at age 4 and it’s gradually eaten me away, but this game gave me the closest thing to a family I’ve ever experienced. That’s why I’m here and I love this game. Maybe the Forums is becoming some what of a family for you? (If you care to hear my past I’ll make a thread)
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    Yeah. It’s really f***ing cool to have two families.
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    I’m happy for you
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    Im lost of words man, ive meet alot of good people here too especially you Star.

    I hope that you will be a successful writer one day, i would definitely buy your books if you ever publish one ;3
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    Star your name is Jay?
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    apparently yeah

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