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Will you accept me in the Pixel Strike community?

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  1. GbD-BrokenHopes

    GbD-BrokenHopes New Member

    So after playing for a few months I decided to finally sign up on the Pixel Strike forums. I'm pretty new here so is anyone can show me around, great.
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  2. Cyanogen

    Cyanogen Noble

    Welcome to the forums!
    There is a lot of different uses for different channels here
    In case you want to know what are their uses:

    News & Announcements
    Latest information about upcoming updates or also screenshots can be found there.
    This one is useful to see what has changed in the current update like; buffs, balancement changes, and few other more in the changelogs.
    Feel free to discuss anything that is related to Pixel Strike 3D or Vulcron here.
    Introduce yourself to the community
    Pictures, Screenshots or Photos related to Pixel Strike 3D.
    Do you have a suggestion for the game? Feel free to post it there.
    Bug Reports
    Report glitches or bugs you have found in-game.
    Off Topic
    Discuss anything that isn't related to Pixel Strike 3D or Vulcron here.
    Clan Recruitment
    Feel free to recruit any members for your clan there.
    Clan Request
    Request for a clan to recruit you.
    Clan Events
    Plan and discuss clan events here.
    In-game issues
    If you have trouble or either a issue that is related to Pixel Strike 3D, this is the right place.
    Forum Issues
    Feel free to share or post any trouble or issues that are related to the Forums here.
    Ban Appeals
    Appeal in-game and forum bans (evidence is pretty much necessary before appealing.)
    Player Reports
    Report players that are breaking the rules here.
  3. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Extra rule: don’t say anything stupid here. I will say that, *some* people here don’t like that very much.

    also, if you are ever going to use a curse word, you have to cover up all the letters in that specific curse word, except the first letter.
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  4. PapaPapuli

    PapaPapuli Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, and we have 2 religions here.
  5. WowHiThere.

    WowHiThere. Well-Known Member

    Let's just say we should tell not to be like Matthew and his retarded mind.

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