The Nightmare Dust

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    Forests. Can be interpreted in many different ways I suppose. You have your magical ones filled with whimsy and fantastical beasts, and the grim kind that you’d expect to die and go missing in. You can’t expect much from them in the real world, albeit ignoring the odd owl eerily observing you from the tree branches or the array of fungi under the logs; can you?

    Nothing much was going on one week. No operations, nothing exciting to try out, even the boys that would show some hint of energy were tuckered out. So I decided to take initiative for myself and go somewhere else, somewhere new. Just for the day, perhaps the ongoing week if my fascination gets reeled in enough. There was a forest nearby, none of us had really ever went there, so I wore the gear you would be expected to bring to forest-trekking and set my sights to the destination.

    Upon arrival, I was immediately intercepted by a sign no taller than my waist level, in front of the great green wall of trees and undergrowth. Marks that yelled of slashes and scratches were visible across the wood. It was hard to read, due to the level of elevation and the crudely messy and misspelt handwriting on the already rotting plank, almost as if the person who wrote the details was being rushed.


    This fores has ben biwitchd by

    th Grand Susinists of the Hol

    Yor entry to ths site shal be cursd

    Like how most people would react to a sign stating such a superstitious warning, I took the message as the work of pranksters wanting to make a sick joke (though a horribly stupid one on their part). What wasn’t a joke was the harmonious symphony of the forest that was upon me; the crisp giggling and rustling of the scrunched fallen leaves, the delicate whistles that drift blissfully between each tree and branch, the delicately sweet song of chirps from the songbirds, complimented with the hoots of a great horned owl which played out akin to an orchestral drum. Light was shattered and arranged into beams that protrude from the treetops. Logs were seemingly arranged to create the best view, and on them were innocently petit toadstools of vermillion red and fungal orange that posed like models on the center stage. Flowers of broad variety and vivid shade stood by the path in fashionable position. It was a symphony of nature, a symphony I tell you, for both the ear and eye.

    Of course, I couldn’t just stand at one position for the entire day, so I made a move on. The path of flattened leaves stood out enough for me to navigate myself throughout the wood but subtle enough to not take the spotlight of the view. Trekking through the forest felt like walking through a painting, to the point where it almost felt surreally artistic. An accomplished fox then stumbled across my passage. The vulpine looked proud, and for good reason. It had caught either a wren or a rodent to eat; I couldn’t tell at the time. Upon peering up at my face for a solid five seconds, the mammal scarpered.
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    Going further into the forest, I couldn’t help but notice that the path was getting more and more obscure as I progress. The flowers too were changing, for that they were drooping, their liveliness being disposed of gradually. Even the beams of light that dangled from the trees before were withdrawn, replaced with a growing puddle of viscous mist. The chirps from the songbirds became more distant, to the point where they had retreated; and the hoots became more intense. Ghostly intense, to the point where it seemed as if the drums had been replaced by an organ. In the midst of things, I closed my eyes, hoping to briefly water down my eyes and say something to myself. I should turn back.

    I unsheathed my eyes from my lids to turn back, hoping to get out of the area before things turn to worse. Then something peculiarly odd happened. A border of ash black and diseased trees had sprouted out of nowhere in the way of the path. How could this be? Nevertheless, it seemed as if I could only go deeper in, so I changed course. Yet there were more trees, not just in front of me but also to the sides; encircling me! Everything went void silent.

    No turning back now. Or onwards. The options were limited. On one hand, I could barge through the trees; though there seemed to be layers and layers of tree behind. Another would be that I wait, hoping that by some miracle something fortunate would happen. So I did. I waited for the trees to vanish back; with how suddenly they appeared surely they would disappear in the same manner?

    Hoot. Hoot.

    The hooting from before had returned. Finally, something to accompany me within this silence! Patience had become more bearable for me. I couldn’t help but notice that the hooting had increased in volume very slightly, almost unnoticeably. Nothing much to worry about though. I looked around, watching how the grey fog floats effortlessly off the ground. The hoots grew in loudness, starting to become more robust and a bit too much. How long have I been here for again? I produced my watch, only for 3 minutes. Louder again, it was starting to be unbearably foul for my ears, despite nothing in the background looking different. Yet louder! I grew impatient, and my heart was beating vigorously. The sound was maddening me! Louder! I swore! I cursed to- louder once more! What could I do? I couldn’t shut the damn bird -louder! I couldn’t take the noise no longer, that cruel sadistic torture! Louder! I screamed and raved and pleaded for mercy! Louder! Louder!

    With no haste I tackled into the trees with the full desperate force of my body in savage berserk. Out of the shadows an owl of ghostly grey feathers and haunted gold eyes blitzed into me with its banshee screech that ringed my ears a quintillion times in one second; stopping my attack. I fell abruptly onto the stone cold floor, the owl dissipated into air with no chatter or cackle as it went through the tree wall. How could that be the case? I saw it with my very own eyes!

    At that moment, I felt a sense of dread, a sense of whimsical un-wellness. My eyes peered around. The trees that circled me looked off. They seemed to have the texture of decaying latex and rubber. I caught a whiff, a foul whiff similar to dead fish left to rot by the sea side. At that moment, a noise that indicated of shuffling and movement was heard by me.

    I stuck my face up; oh lord. The trees had started to melt and grow! Melting into this viscous mess that tinkered in and out of thin air with a colour never before seen, growing into such heights that reached to the ends of space. The smell now reeked of every scent I had ever smelt; I nearly puked! It grew eyes, I swore I saw eyes and countless mouths! And the heads –my lord the heads! Those faces and heads had expressions I couldn’t find the right word to describe! Some wailed and laughed and chanted with abominably murky noises, others bared their perfect teeth in no general direction; yet a few just stared at me as if I were the specimen on the slide. There were tentacles –yes, tentacles! I couldn’t tell how many there were, there so many that it seemed as if they came and went; I think I saw a few hooked with claws too.
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    I only managed to barely fit a quarter of the side of the hideous monstrosity, but it flashed and dazzled into a million new colours; so many never-before seen colours and shades that it weakened and nulled my entire body. Then it, the entire thing, started to disappear and reappear many times; at times leaving out entrails and innards that horrified my being floating. They looked different each time. I couldn’t tell you how often, every attempt at remembering the memory ended up looking different, but I could tell you that I still felt its presence throughout.

    It was only a moments before I noticed an awful realization. It had disappeared. In a snap, a billionth of a millisecond, the colossal mass was gone –no, it couldn’t have. It could reappear at any moment! I couldn’t let this go any further! I ran away as hastily as I was able to; but in the process I felt my back being pressed on. In fact the pressure came to surround my entire body eventually. My breathing nearly ceased to proceed under such weight, and my eye got caught on the horror. It had reappeared. The faces, I swear to you, were each drifting midair in space cold observance as I was being crushed and engulf by the invisible body that felt of nothing but wind. One of the faces behind me was cackling for no apparent reason other than to mock me freely. The pressure increased tremendously. I heard my bones and organs crack despite there being no pain, until I felt the weight lifting and the laughing and faces fading.

    To my extraordinary surprise, the horror that engulfed me was gone again. In fact, the entire landscaped had changed. There were trees, with beams of light that protrude from the treetops, a crisp giggling and rustling of the scrunched fallen leaves and the delicately sweet song of chirps from the songbirds. I was back at the forest; was I always in the forest? No, how could that be? How could what I saw from earlier, that horrifying nightmare I could never forget, exist here?

    As I was pondering upon myself I caught a sight in the far reaches of my vision. A feint but distinct glow. Under the logs. Eager for detective work, I swiftly dashed over to the fallen tree, also learning that my bones and organs were still intact, only to find something peculiar under the dank rotting wood. A colony of bioluminescent mushrooms. I plucked one of the mushrooms out of their shelter as a sample. Under the light, they shined a pearly white tinge, and carried a broad domed cap over a bulbous woody stem. Then I found another, and another, until I forgot how many fungal colonies there were. All of them had close to no spores left on the actual fungus themselves, but a few traces were found around the area. Upon discovering this, a revelation came to my head. What if the spores produced from these mushrooms had hallucinogenic properties; could I harness their power for my use?

    I checked my watch. An hour and a half passed since I entered the woods initially as a charming break, only to turn out as a trip to nightmare illusion woods. It ended up being a long day for me, indeed, so I decided to head back to the base; with the intention of sharing the event and my next personal project with the group. Upon exiting the forest, I stumbled across an owlet stranded on the ground, with ruffled feathers and vulnerable to any predators that want an easy meal. Remembering the phantom owl from the illusion and how abruptly it flew at me, I shrugged it off, knowing that this owlet was as scared right now as I was back then.

    Taking my sweater off to act as a guard against the bird’s talons and grip, I carried it to a branch on a tree for it to wait for its parent. Almost immediately after I brought the owlet to safety, its parents swooped down to greet their nestling. As I observed the family in delight of what I had done, one of the owls looked back, in which we exchanged stares for a while until it went back to tending for its owlet; which was the moment where I decided to head back to civilization.
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    Meet the Shortfuse-Dust: Origins
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    I was wondering where these drugs came from
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    I like your language in here. Also my reaction would be to leave and return with a flamethrower
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    Question: does this occur before or after the whole time travel alternate universe s***
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    I feel like it’s the more organic version of the jarate

    Let me think of a scenario
    Flanker attempts to rusty karambit Shorfuse and he just throws a jar of concentrated mushroom powder, blinding Flanker and making him fall out of the platform

    And Short proceeds to use the TF2 Sniper laugh taunt on Flanker’s corpse
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    How common is this hallucination powder?
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    Short's Organic Hallucinogens. No pesticides, No fertilizers, All Natural
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    I wouldn't call it common, but what I can say is that if you find a group of them, chances are that there are more.
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    Batteries not included
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    Only a potato
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    65% potato
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    Just reviving this so people can actually read the more underrated, and (in my opinion) better writer
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    is this a pokemon thing?
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    I think it was supposed to be one of short’s origin stories for how he got the fungi that’s later used to make the hallucination gas used in the forum duels, but I might be wrong

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