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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Elite_Robot, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Hi everyone. It’s me. I just want to try and keep it short.

    I am leaving the forums. I am not worthy of anyone’s respect on here or welcome, unlike elite was. She was kindhearted and nice towards the people who were to her, but me, I am not.

    @Feline And to you. I am sorry for everything I said and did wrong. I just want to have an answer to 1 thing : Why did you have to mention her? You could’ve said everything, but you had to target me and in the most harming way possible.

    Anyways I have nothing more to say. You don’t need to say goodbye or anything... I wish things could’ve been different for her so that she would’ve been here and not me...
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    My intention was not to make you leave. I'm not sure how it could have gone this way, I'm only human. My anger, again got the best of me… There really is something wrong with me, I have no excuse for this. It's my fault.
    I'm sorry, Elite. I really, really did not want it to result in this. I say a lot without thinking usually, and this surely was a time I should have thought twice. It would have been better off for me to have occupied myself with something else, yeah?
    I'm not so sure if you will ever see this now, but please, be okay out there. Continue to live your life, and try to at least be happy, I am sure your sister would want that.
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