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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by The_Force, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. The_Force

    The_Force Active Member

    i am a tryhard... hands down 4 finger claw player.... hands down.. always rusty...hands down my ID 3000887... hands down one of the most active noobs ever... who still tries so hard.... its pretty depressing lol... you can click this to see my sucky aim...
  2. T3Rex

    T3Rex Dino Staff Member Moderator

  3. Màkéßhîft

    Màkéßhîft Well-Known Member

    Ima flex real quick

  4. The_Force

    The_Force Active Member

    wierd flex.... because your playing on an ipad with claw.... your quickscopes don't look the clean no offense.. i kinda copy fairaimbots snipe style.. but i mean your aim is on a whole different level.
  5. shortfuse87

    shortfuse87 Well-Known Member

  6. ɴᴇᴍᴜ.

    ɴᴇᴍᴜ. Well-Known Member

    When I shoot that fast the bullet doesn't even show, and the screen too. the game crashes in short.
  7. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Says the person who plays on bots every video
  8. The_Force

    The_Force Active Member

    yes says the person who dropped 74 and 3 with marksman online
    and i play with bots because i only do my youtube on android and play regular on ios... and android sucky and laggy eventually once i get my new phone ill start doing ios and itll run smooth online.
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  9. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Awkward flex, but aside from that I understand. You should clarify that in your videos tho
  10. The_Force

    The_Force Active Member

    nah its just people try to base my skill off of the fact i play bots... so it kinda makes me flex on em to make them leave me alone about it.
  11. StarWizard737

    StarWizard737 Well-Known Member

    Wait how many kills do you drop average in there

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