Who am i?


New Member
Dec 2, 2019
Hello for you people who may have no idea who i am.
I am known as these many names
-get rekt
-Roblox Noob
-not legacytrapzz
Yes ik i had alot of names in the past. I’ve been stuck in alot of drama for those who know me know exactly what i mean. Yes when i was stuck in drama i thank myself for fighting for what I thought was right because now here i am a man of well alot of wisdom well not many of y'all would agree. I’ve played before summer gardens remaster. Now lets begin my tale. It all started one day i saw my brother killin on a game i wonder “bro is that pixel strike?” He said “h**l yeah bro this sh**s still alive somehow” i was like “why not we both make a duo and probably upset alot of people” we did that exact thing making alot of enemies well for me in that case everyone loved killin but everyone hated me but atleast i knew that he was safe at that time i didnt care if i got jumped in game or even hated on i just wanted to see my brother happy. Ofcourse no one knew this so the hate continued until i changed entirely which is todays day where well i learned from my mistakes in the past and now I'm a leader of a great clan that i love alot and i don’t plan on giving up and well killin left the community entirely so it was just me and myself i was scared at first but then i got used to it and well now its just a thing i roll with.

That is my story on how i well basically changed or well my introduction hope you all enjoyed bye!