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    HI, some already know my real name and some don't, but you can call me IQ. If you didn't know already, IQ is a character from the tactical FPS game called Rainbow Six: Siege. The main in IQMain is saying that when i play the game, all i use ( or main ) is IQ. Pretty simple.

    About me:
    Im a chill guy that is kind to all unless you do some really dumb s****, and even when one does so, i tend to keep my cool. I Enjoy arguing with others in a professional manner and seek for neutral conclusions. I also seek to build a reputation here in this developing game, which brings me to saying that i have hope for this game, as of right now things are a bit rough but i assure you that Forever and Moose will penetrate through it all and succeed with us following them! Many have rose and fallen, i am still rising and i plan on doing so. If you ever wanna talk about life or something even more personal, contact me on discord IQMain#8794 . I will always be down to talk and help out, even when the conflict is out of my reach.
    You can trust me, i will never betray you. I live with it. Thanks for reading this and have a good one!
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    Because of the lack of moderation, the only rule we have is to censor swears because that’s all the devs care about here nowadays. Aside from that, there isn’t much besides a few unofficial rules we have here.

    It’s basically like a prison food chain; don’t f*** with the higher ups. Something like that.

    Usually we have someone else do this intro but I’ll just do it now

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